Using Time To Teach = higher academic gains, happier teachers, happier students, less burdened administrators, empowered teachers, and schools of excellence!

"Time To Teach" gives you the solution to effective classroom discipline so that academic gains are the focus of every classroom! It protects the instructional time in a classroom, and equips teachers and administrators with the techniques and tools necessary to create a school of excellence.

Time To Teach strategies were originally influenced over 40 years ago with the help and guidance of Dr. Madeline Hunter and John Wooden, both of UCLA. (yes, that's right, Coach Wooden!) Hunter and Wooden believed in rules and procedures and "teaching to" those expectations as being critical to success for both students and athletes.

My training leaves NOTHING TO CHANCE – I'll empower educators to handle challenging student behavior in the classroom. Educators gain instruction time because students are on task. Students become successful academically and their behaviors become appropriate! I'll empower educators to handle challenging student behavior in the classroom (NOT by sending students to the office).

Time To Teach Beliefs

Time To Teach is a set of strategies and techniques proven to restore instruction time that is lost to discipline challenges in a way that is simple, fair, and respectful.

Our strategies are like “wax on a car” – we make everything SHINE! What we mean by this statement is our strategies can work with any program you may have in place – and are even more powerful when they stand alone!

Five of our 16 beliefs are:

  • Caring is key
  • Conflict is inevitable, combat is not
  • Good behavior can be systematically taught
  • Behavior can be changed
  • Good discipline is a matter of good timing

The high expectations we set must include academics and behavior. Instruction is paramount but students will only move forward academically if they can focus on the lesson. Student behaviors must be appropriate for this to happen. Educators and students need Time To Teach.

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What We Teach
At a Time To Teach training you will learn how to eliminate repeated warnings and multiple requests in a positive fashion, be proactive rather than reactive, avoid power struggles, how to use powerful prompting techniques and learn classroom arrangements for maximum achievement.

We teach 5 main components
  1. Self-Control Strategies
  2. Classroom Design Techniques
  3. Teaching to Appropriate Behaviors
  4. Accurate and Timely Consequences
  5. Appropriate Student Teacher Relationships

Our training is proven in practice, and is presented by outstanding experts. It is research based, practical and easy to implement (educators will be able to start using the techniques the very next day!). Participants will learn techniques that empower them to always be clear, concise and consistent with students.

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