All of the strategies taught through the Time To Teach seminars are research based and proven. Please see the videos below.
  Glenn Livingston Elementary Time To Teach Data

Here you can see the drastic transformation Time To Teach had on Livingston Elementary School. Even with a partial implementation in 1998-1999 there was a huge drop in office referrals. With a full implementation of Time To Teach techniques, there was an even bigger drop in office referrals.

No longer was the office referral for low-level behavior. Now, the principal only dealt with students who broke an "absolute!" All other infractions were taken care of by the teachers.

Time To Teach techniques are research based and proven. If you are ready to transform your school, you may request a full-day inservice here.

The first year of implementation was 1/2 way through the year and the effect was dramatic! The next year of full implementation of the strategies resulted in only 51 referrals vs. 379 referrals without Time To Teach Strategies!
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