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To learn more about bringing high quality, on-site training to your school or district, please fill out the form below. I will be in touch with you shortly! Time To Teach strategies can make all the difference!
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Implementation and Time Required
I share powerful research-based classroom management ideas that can be used school-wide, K-12. These strategies are based on proven results and can be implemented the day after a training. You will want to set aside a minimum of 5 hours for the training day (7 hours is ideal).
Maximize the savings!
Maximize your savings by teaming up with another campus to share the cost of trainer fees and to get a price reduction on training manuals (price based on quantity). Ask me directly for more details.
Participants Earn Graduate Credit
By attending a Time to Teach training, participants are eligible to earn up to 3 graduate elective credits for a fee through Chapman University.
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