Finding Time To Teach
Glorified Babysitter to Educator


My first year of teaching was truly a trying year for me. I'll be honest, I got my first job because I was a MALE teacher. They thought that simply because of my gender I could come into a known problem situation and fix it. Well, I'll be honest, I was not prepared by my college degree to handle the severe behavior problems I encountered. Somehow I survived it but felt like I was a glorified babysitter and not an educator.

After 7 years of doing the best I knew how, I took a job in my hometown of Cody, Wyoming. I was blown away by the drastic difference in student behavior. I knew within the first 10 minutes of my first year, at Glenn Livingston Elementary, I was in a very different school. I was an educator and not a disciplinarian/glorified babysitter.

During my first year at Glenn Livingston Elementary, the school was honored by receiving the National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence award. I couldn't take any credit, but I knew why this school deserved this award. Here are the major differences:

Old Experience New Experience
Each classroom used their own classroom management techniques. Everyone in the building uses Time To Teach techniques for classroom management.
School Assemblies were held often and did not support the classroom (yo-yo, jump rope etc). School assemblies are rare and always support the classroom.
Intercom use was often and in the middle of lessons frequently. Intercom use is scheduled and never interrupts lessons.
Instructional time was never a focus. Instructional time is guarded and protected.
There was a line of discipline referrals for the principal to deal with daily/hourly, ranging from refusal to do work to fighting. The principal deals with students who have broken "Absolutes" while the teachers handle all of the other behaviors.
The principal spends more time disciplining the older students (4th and 5th). The principal spends more time disciplining the kindergartners.
Bad behavior in kindergarten meant really bad behavior in 4th and 5th grade. Bad behavior in kindergarten is changed and in 4th and 5th grade it is almost non-existent.
"Darn Parents" is often heard as well as "Lets try and make it through the year." The expectation is, "Bad parenting is no excuse for not teaching the child."
Teachers retire early and are worn out. We have teachers who could have retired years ago still working! The working conditions are great and they love what they do!


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