Time To Teach On-site Training
Highlights Of The Training Day

• Implementing and Maintaining a Positive Classroom and School Climate
• Effective Classroom Behavior Management: Essential Elements
• Strategy to create a "high performance" classroom and establish trust from K–12th grade

Communicating With Students
• Learn how to be a master teacher and never allow yourself to be sidetracked again!
• Stop "hiding out" from difficult students or situations and stop letting conflict overrun
important teaching time
• Start teaching any student with confidence and success and stop letting challenging
students drain your teaching energy

• Respond with a level head, even if you're ready to "blow a fuse"
• Adapt to classroom changes--even those that are tough to swallow
• Follow through on plans and turn "good intentions" into classroom reality
• Emotional "first aid" -- save yourself when you feel your frustration level building

• Learn about the most powerful solution to problem behavior ever developed!
• Predict a problem situation before it reaches an unproductive stage -and avert it entirely!
• Discover how to meet challenging students head on and reach a mutual understanding!

Serious and Challenging Behavior
• Facing the "out of control" student: 5 immediate steps you should take to help gain control
• Learn hoow to avoid being "your own worst enemy"
• Stress and anger: Identify and eliminate your "trigger" and theirs too!

• Eliminate Arguments
• Discipline with success as you teach students to take immediate responsibility for their own behavior.
• Be the boss and earn respect at the same time
• Wipe out misbehavior
• Arrange your classroom to minimize disruption
• Increase positive behavior
• Create a predictable nurturing classroom that fosters learning, while engaging reluctant learners
• Learn how to teach expectations and academics simultaneously
• Capture student attention
• "Hook" kids with an array of powerful, energizing prompting procedures

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