Time To Teach Beliefs

Time, it has been said, is the coin of learning. Yet every teacher has known the frustration of losing valuable instructional time to matters of discipline, just as every student has known the frustration of losing valuable learning time to matters of discipline. For some teachers and for some students, the amount of time lost is very great.

• TIMES HAVE CHANGED - The day when the worst thing in class was "gum chewing" or "running in the halls" are gone. Have the confidence of being completely prepared to handle today's behavioral challenges so you have the Time To Teach you need in your content area!

• TEACHERS ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! - We teach a set of techniques and strategies that are helping outstanding teachers do an even better joy, helping struggling teachers find relief and confidence in their class, helping new teachers from 'stumbling' through trial and error and helping administrators provide a fun, safe and orderly environment for the children of their district and community.

• STUDENTS NEED TO FEEL KNOWN, LIKED, RESPECTED BEFORE THEY CAN ACCEPT INSTRUCTION - We present a strong, positive approach to discipline, an approach that allows for mutual respect which is all about kids learning to take personal responsibility rather than about teachers punishing kids.

• GOOD DISCIPLINE IS A MATTER OF GOOD TIMING - Our strategies describe in detail how to achieve good timing consistently and explains why this is so important.

• CONFLICT IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF GROWING UP - Time To Teach! helps teachers provide a predictable environment with clear limits and expectations, consistent and effective discipline, and adequate supervision, while at the same time turning the inevitable and frequent challenges into opportunities for learning.

• PARENTING AFFECTS BEHAVIOR - With Time to Teach, students can enjoy a peaceful academic environment. Students are taught appropriate behaviors at school (students learn behaviors that are appropriate – even if never taught these behaviors before).

- We cannot change the way children have been parented, but we can teach the disrespectful to be respectful, the unmotivated to be motivated, and the irresponsible to be responsible. Teachers using Time To Teach! are doing just that every day!
• PROBLEM BEHAVIOR CAN ENTRAP US - Learn how to eliminate once and for all the multiple warnings and repeated requests teacher/student power struggles leading to the "unbearable limit".

• CURRICULUM COMES FIRST, BUT DISCIPLINE DOES TOO! - You can have the best content area teachers on campus – but without the ability to get students focused on lessons – the lessons go undelivered. Without effective discipline, learning will not excel to meet the ability level of the student.

• SELF-ESTEEM MATTERS - Coopersmith determined: parental warmth, clearly defined limits, and respectful treatment were clearly the antecedents to high self- esteem in their children. Time To Teach! supplies teachers with the necessary tools for building a classroom with clearly defined limits, mutual respect and warm emotional support enabling children to take personal responsibility for their own behavior.

- one of the most unchallenged assumptions in school settings today is that expected or desirable behaviors are already a part of the student's behavioral repertoire. This is addressed and remedied in the Teach To's and the REFOCUSTM modules.

• RULES AND ROUTINES SHOULD BE SYSTEMATICALLY TAUGHT - Even the most eager-to-please, well-behaved children imaginable do not know how to act in our classrooms until we have taught expected behaviors.

• TEACHING SUCCEEDS WHERE PUNISHMENT FAILS - Punishment alone does not change behavior over the long term. The Self-Control (SMARTRTM) and REFOCUSTM modules give teachers the tools they need to successfully erase low-level emergent behavior so "punishment" in the form of "referrals" or "checks on the board" become unnecessary.

• WE NEED AN EFFECTIVE CONSEQUENCE FOR LOW-LEVEL MISBEHAVIOR - Time To Teach! strategies include a simple, respectful, instructional discipline method used successfully in thousands of classrooms across America from grades K-12 through the REFOCUSTM module.

• AN EFFECTIVE DISCIPLINE PROGRAMS TEACHES RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR - Discipline programs promoting anything other than independent behavior in children are doomed for failure. Time To Teach! methods are based on an authoritative approach to child management which, in short, means that we will always give our students a choice - and then honor that choice. If our student makes a wrong choice, we will be there for correction. If our students make a right choice, we will be there for acknowledgement. It's that simple.

• WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO EVERY CHILD - We truly can make a positive difference to every child! Teachers must be equipped with the skills to help guide students to excellence. Our training provides the ability for teacher to have Time To Teach!


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